Things to Discuss With Your Partner Before Engaging Into Swinging

For the most people swinging is about having relationships with multiple partners. But it has nothing to do with romantic relationships. To swingers monogamous sex has nothing to do with monogamous love. Swingers are engaging in sex with different people, while remaining in a relationship one partner. While you can argue all you want whether physical unfaithfulness is as bad as platonic unfaithfulness, you can't deny that it was just sex, I feel nothing for him/her is the most popular excuse for infidelity. So, swingers are more or less on the point without lying. So, if you decided to become a swinger there are a few things that you need to discuss with your partner beforehand.

Understanding the Purpose

The very first thing you need to understand before getting into the world of swinging culture is your purpose. Talk it over with your partner. It's not that hard to find another swinging couple, as there are a lot of sites devoted to swinging on the internet. The hardest part may come after you've got things planned. So, you need to figure out whether you really won't to engage into swinging or not. If not – stay out, as you don't want to waste your time and time of another couple. You need to understand whether you are really into swinging or it's just a fantasy that you have no intention to materialize. Think about that, discuss it with your partner and make sure that you are making the right decision, as certain fantasies should stay fantasies.

Good Communication Skills

It works as sort of extension of the previous point, as only via good communication skills you can figure out the purpose of engaging into swinging. Another thing you need to find out is whether your partner is truly into it. You must figure out whether you both won't to become swingers or one of you is accepting the offer in order to not disappoint another? It is very important, as your relationship may come to an end after the very first swinging experience, so you can meet girls online, to find a partner to swing..


Before diving into the world of swinging parties you must trust each other ultimately. It just doesn't work otherwise. There must be no pangs of jealousy between you, otherwise your swinging experience won't make any sense. Remember, monogamous sex has nothing to do with monogamous love. In the swinging culture, if you are sleeping with somebody else it doesn't mean that you don't love your partner. Thus, without trust you should stay away from swinging culture as far as possible.