The Insight to the Phenomenon of Swinging

Different purists and fundamentalists claim that engaging in non-monogamous relationship with sexy ukrainian girls is the new thing, which appeared because of the moral level that started decreasing lately. But if you dig into the history of mankind, you would find out that there were a lot of cultures that advocated multiple partners. Thus, you can say that swinging culture existed for ages, but you would be absolutely wrong. In ancient times, engaging in relationships with different partners was just the mean of reproduction. Swinging culture started in the 20th century, so, let’s have a look at history of this peculiar phenomenon.

The Swinging Sixties

While researchers still debate whether the swinging culture appeared in the late 1950s or the early 1960, swinging officially arrived in 1963 when the first swingers organization “The Sexual Freedom League” has opened in Berkeley, California, thus making the United States the cradle of the culture of swingers. Later, the North American Swing Club Association was formed, to spread accurate information about swingers lifestyles, as the swingers' image was distorted by Hollywood movies. That has been also done to distance swingers from the term “wife swapping”, which swingers consider to be an inaccurate and women-insulting description of their activities, as they don't view women as some sort of a possession.

The 1990s Exposure

Throughout 1970s and 1980s swinging was more or less limited to the US. But in the 1990s the swinging culture experienced the worldwide exposure, with a lot of swinging clubs opening in the United Kingdom, Germany and the Netherlands. The UK was the European centre of swinging cultures with parties going quite wild, as swinging clubs allowed members to have sex at the venues.

Swinging Online

Online world opened doors to a lot of sexual fantasies, but swinging culture was keeping away from the internet till 2005, when the first swinging site has opened. The main problem with online swinging is that it extremely hard to tell a dreamer who thinks that he or she would like to become a swinger from a real swinger. In other words, you never know when you would come across a real swinger or a person who would just waste your time with his or her fantasies that he or she has no intention to materialize.

All in all, half a century since its arrival, the swinging culture is still around. The culture's motto is that monogamous love has nothing to do with monogamous sex, and when you think about that the more logical this idea gets.